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Re: New distribution: Arch GNU/Hurd

From: Allan McRae
Subject: Re: New distribution: Arch GNU/Hurd
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010 00:56:04 +1000
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On 22/01/10 08:37, Enrique Matías Sánchez (Quique) wrote:
I didn't find any mention of this project on the official Hurd lists
nor OSNews, so maybe you don't know about it (my apologies if you do
and I'm causing noise).

Allan McRae from Arch Linux announced that a new Hurd distro is in the making:

They have a website:
and a mailing list:

It looks like they are only two developers so far  :/


No real announcement had been made so far as we are still a long way of having anything that would be considered distro-like. The idea for this first surfaced only about three weeks ago. At the moment, we have a set of scripts that cross-compile a booting qemu image with some very core software (coreutils, grep, sed, etc), and I had to learn a lot about the state of the toolchain for Hurd to even get there.

Also, given the current man-power for this project, I doubt it will end being something many people consider distro-like either. It will have a package manager (pacman from Arch Linux), but the package selection will initially be limited to what is an Arch Linux style "base" install. Think of a package selection similar to what you have at the end of building a Linux From Scratch system... At least, that is what my intended "end" point is. If others join and want to take it beyond that, they will be most welcome.


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