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Fwd: The status of dde linux26 in Hurd

From: Da Zheng
Subject: Fwd: The status of dde linux26 in Hurd
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 19:17:57 +0800
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sorry, send it to a wrong mailing list.

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Subject: The status of dde linux26 in Hurd
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 18:59:36 +0800
From: Da Zheng <zhengda1936@gmail.com>
To: help-hurd@gnu.org <help-hurd@gnu.org>


Porting dde linux26 to the Hurd works smoothly. Currently pcnet32 driver can
work in it. I believe other network card driver can also work in it. All code of
ddekit and dde linux26 has been uploaded to flobber, so welcome to try it. The
code of dde linux26 was from Linux 2.6.29, so it's better to try the driver in
that version.

One problem is that dde linux26 developed by DROPS doesn't support multiple PCI
buses. My virtual machine has bus 0 and bus 2, so I hard-coded the bus numbers
in dde linux26. But there should be some ways to detect all buses in the system
automatically. I failed to understand how linux does that.

Next step is to develop Mach device interface on the top of dde linux26. It
shouldn't be difficult for the network device as I have done that before. I
should try some types of devices other than NIC. Some suggestions about it? It
seems DDE doesn't support the sound card yet.

Zheng Da

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