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Debian GNU/Hurd installation wizard and live cd

From: Justus Winter
Subject: Debian GNU/Hurd installation wizard and live cd
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 00:01:12 +0200

Hey everyone :)

I just wanted to say hello and to inform you about two young pet
projects of mine, an installation wizard in the spirit of the OpenBSD
installer and a script to master live cds from existing systems.

I've created one live cd that is able to install a Debian GNU/Hurd
system. It can install grub2 and includes all the debian archives
necessary to complete the installation.

The image is available as an xz-compressed iso image under [0]. You can
download it via http or BitTorrent (hopefully).

The installer lives in an mercurial repository under [1], there is a
local checkout on that server so you can browse the most recent version

The live cd master script can be found in [2] in the near future. For
now I documented my setup in the readme file. Getting the live cd right
took quite some time and I remastered the cd on my linux box to save
time and now I need to integrate all those little things I changed back
into the script and verify that it actually works.

Btw, I know about the plan to get the debian-installer running on the
Hurd and I don't want compete with it. But it always bugged me that one
needed one operating system to install another one and the lessons
learned with both the installer and the live cd will greatly benefit
debian-installer as well imho.

Well, that's it, I'd love to get some feedback and don't spare me some
doh! moments ;)


0: http://teythoon.cryptobitch.de/hurd/livecd/
1: http://teythoon.cryptobitch.de/hurd/hurd-installer/
2: http://teythoon.cryptobitch.de/hurd/hurd-livecd/

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