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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd installation wizard and live cd

From: Arne Babenhauserheide
Subject: Re: Debian GNU/Hurd installation wizard and live cd
Date: Sun, 9 May 2010 16:19:32 +0200
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Am Sonntag, 9. Mai 2010, 00:01:12 schrieb Justus Winter:
> I just wanted to say hello and to inform you about two young pet
> projects of mine, an installation wizard in the spirit of the OpenBSD
> installer and a script to master live cds from existing systems.

Cool! Many thanks for sharing it! 

The readme and the install script read very nice (I read them once, but didn’t 
doublecheck them; the install script is very readable!), I couldn’t yet try 
them, though. 

I’m currently downloading the live CD via BitTorrent. 

Best wishes, 

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