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Re: I need help testing new interface

From: Sergio Lopez
Subject: Re: I need help testing new interface
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 10:36:51 +0200

El Thu, 13 May 2010 00:15:47 +0200
Sergio Lopez <slp@sinrega.org> escribió:
> I need some help reviewing the patch (I consider this a preliminary
> version, so there's no Changelog) and testing the stability of this
> interface. Since it requires to rebuild GNU Mach, Hurd and glibc, I'll
> try to publish patched packages to make easier testing it.

You can find the patched packages here:


I've also applied the patches for mach-defpager, tmpfs and mutex
debugging (all for the same price! ;-).

Q: What should I expect after installing these packages?

A:- Threads should increase at a lower rate. The new interface
    prevents the creation of large amounts of threads when syncing
    dirty memory objects. New threads are created only when Mach
    terminates a object which still has dirty pages (thus has not been
    completely synced yet), or when pageout deamon needs to urgently
    free some pages.

    If you're planning to do large builds under Hurd, you should
    consider applying this patch, combined with an increment of the
    number of cached objects in Mach, and a reduction of the filesystem
    synchronization interval in ext2fs.

  - A working (but largely untested) tmpfs.

You can also find attached a newer version of the sync_request patch,
with some bugs already fixed.

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