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error compiling hurd after gnumach interface change

From: Karim Allah Ahmed
Subject: error compiling hurd after gnumach interface change
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 00:47:01 +0300

I've modified a little bit some RPCs of the current gnumach interface ( mainly added a new argument ) , all the changes are in <mach/mach.defs> ( [gnu-src]/include/mach/mach.defs ) , and I've modified the pager library accordingly.

Now I'm compiling the pager library code to start testing the patch but I keep getting "too many arguments to function `memory_object_change_attributes`" while compiling the pager library. ( This error also pops up in every call to the modified RPCs )
This means that it's still using the mach.defs (it has less arguments than the new one) which is strange because I've added the new mach.defs to "/usr/include/mach" and recompiled mig and installed linked the generated "mig" binary to /usr/bin (I've no idea if this is necessary).

Am I doing something wrong ? Is there anything else that I should do before compiling ?

[ Note there's only one "mach.defs" in my system which is in "/usr/include/mach" ]

Karim Allah Ahmed.

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