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Virtual Square / View-OS

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: Virtual Square / View-OS
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2010 19:32:17 +0200
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I just created a new web page; it's reproduced below for your easy

Olaf, are you perhaps interested in having a more detailed look at what
they're doing?


| All the following is based only on a first, and quick glance only.
| We may want to have a look at Virtual Square / View-OS, and evaluate in which
| ways this is related / implemented / implementable / usable / useful in a Hurd
| environment, and even ;-) strive to collaborate with them.
| [[I|tschwinge]] found this project very much by chance: on LinkedIn, they
| posted a proposal for [DevRoom on Virtualization
| for [[community/meetings/FOSDEM_2011]].  LinkedIn sends out such posts in very
| opaque emails from time to time (probably they'd look less opaque with a HTML
| mail user agent), and I even bothered to have a look at it, and follow the 
| to the web page, and not delete it straightway.
| So, I had a quick look at the project:
| This seems to be an amalgamation / combination of various virtualization
| mechanisms / projects / ideas.  Virtualization is here meant in a broad sense,
| including file system namespaces: our `chroot` / `settrans --chroot`;
| networking configurations: our pfinet override stuff; system configuration:
| subhurds?; current time, devices: likewise?; executable interpreter: our exec
| server override stuff; "stat" virtualization: fakeroot; etc.  -- They seem to
| do a lot of stuff that we also try to do / could do / can do.
| In fact, this looks a bit like they're trying to bring some more of the Hurd's
| [[hurd/concepts]] over to Unix / Linux, more than only the *usual VFS stuff*
| (translators / FUSE).
| Perhaps start reading with the *slides* linked below.
|   * <http://virtualsquare.org/>
|       * <http://wiki.virtualsquare.org/>
|   * Renzo Davoli, Michael Goldweber, [*View-OS: Change your View on
|     Virtualization*](http://www.cs.unibo.it/~renzo/view-os-lk2009.pdf),
|     Proc. of Linux Kongress, 2009
|       * [slides](http://www.cs.unibo.it/~renzo/view-os-lk2009-slides.pdf)


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