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Re: ED error code

From: Pino Toscano
Subject: Re: ED error code
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 15:49:11 +0100
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Alle domenica 31 ottobre 2010, Manuel Menal ha scritto:
> The Hurd port of the GNU C Library defines an error code macro called
> `ED', which the glibc manual describes as "The experienced user will
> know what is wrong.". This error code macro doesn't seem to be used
> anywhere.

To be precise, a macro and a value of the __error_t_codes enum (which 
makes it impossible even "#undef ED" to avoid the ED define).

> Although having a reserved, generic error code macro might be
> useful(?), `ED' is a very generic identifier. For example, clang
> uses it in many parts of its code, which makes the build fail on
> GNU/Hurd. I think it's likely that we'll meet this problem more than
> once.

Yes, this hit few package compilations on the Debian buildds. So far I 

- boost >= 1.40:
  - boost/math/special_functions/ellint_rd.hpp: local variable `ED'
- gentle:
  - enums.h: enum value `ED'
- gpsim:
  - src/dspic/dspic-instructions.h: class `ED'
- httrack:
  - src/htslib.c: `ED' used as hexadecimal number (the 0x prefix is
    prepended using a macro)

Among the above, I fixed boost renaming the variable to ED_ (with a 
patch in the Debian packaging), otherwise many important packages 
couldn't have been compiled.

> Couldn't it be renamed to something less generic?

Or just removed, IMHO.

Pino Toscano

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