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Re: cdrom interface?

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: cdrom interface?
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2011 08:28:22 +0200


Samuel Thibault:
> > There are quite a few packages out there which depend on the cdrom
> > interface. I'm wondering whether we could just provide the linuxish
> > interface for it in e.g. sys/cdrom.h. Most of the ioctls should
> > be working fine, only the data read ones would only work with a
> > kernel implementation. That should bring us easy compatibility with
> > a lot of packages, while leaving just a few bits to change for a
> > userland-cd-driver-compatible interface.
> > 
> > Thoughts?
Svante Signell:
> Any news from the scdbackup maintainer, T Schmitt? He seems to be the
> person for this kund of issue.

Well, i am a bit embarassed that i failed to get Debian/Hurd running
on qemu-kvm of a Debian/Linux squeeze. It installs but then does not
boot. Other things kept me from re-trying and then asking for help.

For the purpose of libburn, to send SCSI commands and to receive
the replies, the ioctl CDROM_SEND_PACKET is sufficient. growisofs
uses it on Linux < 2.6, libcdio uses it on modern Linux.

It might be of general interest to port libcdio to Hurd. On Linux
it heavily uses CDROM ioctls. Nevertheless, its feature set is rich,
and porting will not be trivial, i expect.
The specific code for Linux is in lib/driver/gnu_linux.c :

> I should have mentioned: one thing that isn't covered at all by what I
> propose is the generic command ioctl, which is exactly what T Schmitt
> was talking about :)

That's bad news - if it does not only refer to SG_IO but also to

Have a nice day :)


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