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Re: tmpfs status

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: tmpfs status
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 20:00:41 +0200
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Maksym Planeta, le Wed 28 Mar 2012 20:42:07 +0300, a écrit :
> Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@gnu.org> writes:
> > Ideally you should try to put a whole Hurd system on it, so
> > we can use it for liveCD and installer. 
> Do you mean something like mounting ext2fs readonly and mounting tmpfs
> on top of it using unionfs?

I didn't actually mean that, but put the content of the Hurd system in
the tmpfs itself.

The unionfs can however be an interesting test too.

> > I don't see an "initial content" option in tmpfs. That would be very
> > useful, by e.g. providing a .tgz archive to be untarred at translator
> > creation.
> Nice feature, but couldn't it be implemented just untarring archive to
> specified directory?

I didn't actually mean that tmpfs has to do the untar itself, it'd be
for sure way more flexible that it's an external process just using the
tmpfs as its root FS. I don't have the time to dig more, but I guess
some statically linked tar or some such in the multiboot sequence could
manage to do the work.

> And what types of archives should be supported?

Ideally, a type of archive that is able to store translators. I don't
know whether there are any. Some other way would be to just use ext2fs
and cp its content before throwing it away.

Again, I'm just thinking out loud without having the time to look at the
details, options, etc., so don't take my words for thought things.


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