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Unofficial GNU HURD docs

From: Amit Chandra
Subject: Unofficial GNU HURD docs
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2013 17:14:03 +0530


I was going through one of the proposals of GSoC13, the one that caught my attention and aligns well with my interest is the GNU HURD. I being a novice, and having OS in my current semester curricula , i was rather more interested in helping maintain the Unofficial GNU Hurd Documentaion.

After all, whats the use of having an unofficial documentation when students do not visit. So, I was thinking in http://hurdextras.nongnu.org/ipc_guide/ to contribute to the to dos. Also, according to me that would be very good as i would be able to apply the concepts that i've just learnt during the semester. Also along with that i would like to code on some portions of GNU Mach micro kernel, which i leave it up to you to decide.

I have a fairly good amount of coding experience in C and i really like procedural languages more than the oop languages(except c++). I'm on a debian(i386) platform. Please do reply.

Tanking You,

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