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[PATCH] gnumach/device/net_io.h: add function prototypes

From: Marin Ramesa
Subject: [PATCH] gnumach/device/net_io.h: add function prototypes
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2013 10:16:45 +0200

Tell the compiler that it will find these at link time; this fixes the 
implicit declaration warnings.
--- ./gnumach/device/net_io.h   2013-06-28 10:10:49.877024364 +0200
+++ ./gnumach1/device/net_io.h  2013-06-29 09:42:58.498730719 +0200
@@ -83,4 +83,9 @@
 #define net_kmsg_alloc()       ((ipc_kmsg_t) kalloc(net_kmsg_size))
 #define net_kmsg_free(kmsg)    kfree((vm_offset_t) (kmsg), net_kmsg_size)
+extern unsigned long int       ntohl(unsigned long int);
+extern unsigned short int      ntohs(unsigned short int);
+extern unsigned long int       htonl(unsigned long int);
+extern unsigned short int      htons(unsigned short int);
 #endif /* _DEVICE_NET_IO_H_ */

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