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Re: [PATCH] Replaced bz2 decompression code with libbz2

From: Ignazio Sgalmuzzo
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Replaced bz2 decompression code with libbz2
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 23:22:37 +0100
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Hello Mr. Thibault,
thanks for the reply.
I guess you have tested this on a bz2-backed filesystem?
I tested with various size .bz2 files (to be clear: "settrans -ca test /hurd/storeio -T typed bunzip2:file:test.bz2"). Do I need to do another kind of tests? I'll be happy to check other things too, just point me in the right direction.

While testing, I noticed a little problem with "settrans -ca test /hurd/storeio -T bunzip2 test.bz2": it seems it looks for a .so module with wrong name (something like "libstore_test.bz2.so.0.3)": I want to investigate further and eventually fix.
Do you plan on submitting other patches for the Hurd?  We need copyright
assignment before committing your changes.  You could sign a disclaimer
for just this change, but it could be useful to assign copyright for all
your future changes for the Hurd?
Yes, I'm doing same thing for gzip files support. This just to start, possibly other simple things next. Then, maybe, something more complex: it depends on what kind of progress I make and the time I can spend on.

So, if you can show me what I've to sign and what procedure I must follow, I'll be very happy to do so.

By the way, looking at the gzip code I saw there's support for zip files with various limitations (it takes only first file in archive, it recognize encrypted files but does not handle them). Without zip support (libz doesn't handle it) I can remove nearly all compression/file format code using only library functions: effectively I've already tested this and it works fine with .gz files. I would like to know if it's possible to do in this way. Otherwise I have to modify more the existing code to retain the actual zip file functionality.

Sorry for my bad English, I hope it's understandable.
Thanks for your valuable time.

Best regards.
Ignazio Sgalmuzzo

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