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Re: llvm / clang / scan-build of the Hurd

From: Justus Winter
Subject: Re: llvm / clang / scan-build of the Hurd
Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2014 10:46:01 +0100
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Hi :)

Quoting Thomas Schwinge (2013-10-25 15:48:06)
> When I recently read about it somewhere, I've also had the idea about
> feeding the Hurd code into the Coverity scanner, which I think offers
> such a service for Free Software projects.  I also thought about dping
> the same for GNU Mach and glibc, and for each of these, including the
> stub files generated by MIG, for "self-containedness".

I setup a coverity project for GNU Mach:


Unfortunately the results are not world-readable and I do not believe
it is possible to configure it that way.  So in order to see the
results you need a coverity account (or a github one) and request
access to that project (from me, muhahaha ;).

It might be a bit better than clangs scan-build, but I'm not overly
impressed.  Also, it's cumbersome to use, one needs to download a
tarball full of binaries (both native elf ones and java stuff), then
upload the results to the web application and you can only see the
results through their web-app which is very enterprisey and almost
impossible to use unless one has at least a 19" screen.

The binary-only stuff will also make it impossible/very interesting to
use coverity on the Hurd source.  I'm inclined to lean back and wait
for clangs analyzer to improve ;)


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