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Re: installing a DM in the qemu image?

From: Zhang Cong
Subject: Re: installing a DM in the qemu image?
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 00:35:09 +0800

Hi all,
     First, sorry for the first unfinished letter because I press space after tab,  I know space is better than tab now:)  

     This weekend I try to make one hurd box work with one DM autostart, and what I want to say is that you will never know whether it will work or not if we don't provide one workable image to user.
     What I expected:

     wdm as display manager,
     window maker as windows manager.

     But it is not work for me, after some  work, it works, I want to check whether some action is needed or overworked, please help me to check and fix these problem in package if needed.
     1. adjust /etc/X11/wdm/Xservers
      change the last line from  :0 local /usr/bin/X :0 vt7 -nolisten tcp
      to :0 local /usr/bin/X :0 -nolisten tcp
      vt7 was no needed and may cause wdm start x failed, right?
      (it is not follow /usr/bin/X -help document, but work for my debian 7.4)    
     2. reorder the /etc/rc2.d/ script.
       The wdm boot before hurd-console for default install.
       As X need hurd-console be started first, I make wdm boot after hurd-console, this was needed, right?
       I also make ssh boot after hurd-console,  I know it work all the time,  but I want to know whether this is better?

       And, the script order like this(don't care for uncontinuous number, just for keeping the order):
       README  S01motd  S01rsyslog  S02cron  S02dbus  S02rsync  S04bootlogs  S05hurd-console  S10ssh  S12wdm        S14rc.local  S16rmnologin

    3. one question not related to this topic
        What's the formal way to change the script order?  the order return to default after I do dpk-reconfig X11-common  

    4. for dpk-reconfig X11-common, the Console Users Only be the right one , right? but I remember someone advice me to choose Anyone?
    Hope you enjoy my work!

    Cong Zhang

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