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Re: two build system issues

From: Ivan Shmakov
Subject: Re: two build system issues
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2014 09:15:06 +0000
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>>>>> Justus Winter <4winter@informatik.uni-hamburg.de> writes:

 > The second issue is due to me doing an out-of-tree build.  That it
 > currently works is more or less by chance I fear.  I just came up
 > with a (legit in my opinion) patch that breaks oot builds.

 > So what happens here is that demuxer.c includes
 > "../libports/notify_S.h", which is a mig-generated file:

 > build/build-deb/libdiskfs$ ls ../libports/notify_S.h 
 > ../libports/notify_S.h

 > And this file includes "mig-decls.h" (that's the change I made that
 > breaks the build), because that file is in the source tree:

 > build/build-deb/libdiskfs$ ls ../libports/mig-decls.h 
 > ls: cannot access ../libports/mig-decls.h: No such file or directory
 > build/build-deb/libdiskfs$ ls ../../libports/mig-decls.h 
 > ../../libports/mig-decls.h

 > :/

 > Any help?

        Well, shouldn’t CPPFLAGS (or rather AM_CPPFLAGS, when Automake
        is used) include -I$(srcdir) whenever any header files from the
        source directory are to be included?

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