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Re: Inappropriate output from /hurd/mtab

From: David Hart
Subject: Re: Inappropriate output from /hurd/mtab
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2014 15:00:15 +0100

Hi Justus,

>> Running '/hurd/mtab /some/mountpoint/' correctly outputs the mount details.
>> However trying with a non-mountpoint still emits a result:
>>  ~:/hurd/mtab /any/dir/
>>  /dev/hd0s2 /any/dir ext2fs <various options>
>> where /dev/hd0s2 is '/'. This is probably not intended behaviour.
>Why not?  It shows information about the translator the node resides
>on.  Similarly on Linux, df /bin shows information about my root

Fair enough, as long as it's intended.

However it is currently unexpected. mtab -? only mentions translators _below_
TARGET, and that's what is output when a valid translator does exist.
Perhaps another paragraph should be added to the 'help'.



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