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Re: Release process & rolling new releases

From: Justus Winter
Subject: Re: Release process & rolling new releases
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 14:03:43 +0100
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Quoting Samuel Thibault (2014-11-20 00:59:23)
> I'm however wondering: I don't see much reviewing being done apart
> from mine.  It would help if some people could spend time on reviewing
> patches.  I'm not saying taking responsibility for the commit step or
> anything, but just proofreading the source code.  That is what takes
> time before committing, and thus what prevents me from giving an ack on
> something for which I already agree on the principle...

I agree.  Either more people have to review the patches, or we need to
change the commit policy.

Also, let's just merge the startup patch series.  The hairy part of it
has been tested in Debian Hurd for a year now.  We agree on the
principle, and noone took the time or cared enough to disagree with
the patch series.

The glibc change is trivial.  And even if the change is not applied to
the glibc, it only breaks the system shutdown.  Furthermore, I believe
that we, the Hurd developers, should be entitled to make such a change
without the explicit consent of the glibc developers.  If this is not
the case, then I do not believe that developing the Hurd is very
practical, or even possible, given that half of the Hurd system is
implemented in the glibc.


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