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Re: [PATCH,Hurd] Fix deallocation after proc_getprocinfo call

From: Joel Brobecker
Subject: Re: [PATCH,Hurd] Fix deallocation after proc_getprocinfo call
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 13:56:29 +0400
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> > > -      vm_deallocate (mach_task_self (), (vm_address_t) pi, pi_len);
> > > +      vm_deallocate (mach_task_self (), (vm_address_t) pi, pi_len * 
> > > sizeof (*(procinfo_t) 0));
> > 
> > Suggest using "sizeof (struct procinfo)", which I think is better
> > than dereferencing a NULL pointer. This is based on guessing that
> > type procinfo_t is a pointer to struct procinfo, as suggested by
> > the code in inf_validate_procinfo.
> Not, that is not the same: struct procinfo has an open array at its end
> (threadinfos[0]), and thus the actually allocated size is variable.

OK. I don't know the code well enough to make any better suggestion.
The above does look unusual to me, but if it works and seems to be
the only correct way, let's go with that.

Should I push your patch?


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