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Re: Scripts to build a Hurd distro

From: Justus Winter
Subject: Re: Scripts to build a Hurd distro
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 11:16:47 +0100
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Quoting David Michael (2015-01-13 05:50:28)
> I've uploaded a disk image and screenshots here: http://dm0.me/projects/gnuxc/

I'm very impressed, nice to see another Hurd distribution :)

Some thoughts:

* I do not like the login shell.  Ymmv, but it exposes quite a bit of
  system state to an unauthenticated user.  We have `utils/loginpr.sh'
  for a more traditional alternative.

* What's with process 8?  Its parent is dmd, and it might be a fork
  lingering around.

* When I tried the QEMU-based mode, I couldn't see the guests GRUB, it
  looks like qemu was run with -curses saying `XXX graphical mode'.

* You are missing out on our DDE-based drivers, which is entirely our
  fault for not having it in Hurd proper :(

* I wonder why your image is that big.  `df' says that 4G are used,
  that sounds like a lot.  Also, why doesn't `df' show the root
  filesystem when invoked without parameters?  Funny.  Also, use
  `zerofree' before compressing and distributing an image.

Good stuff!


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