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'struct flock' has no member named 'l_end'

From: Manolis Ragkousis
Subject: 'struct flock' has no member named 'l_end'
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2015 15:16:17 +0000

Hello Samuel, Hello Hurd hackers

Glibc, branch tschwinge/Roger_Whittaker fails to build
with " 'struct flock' has no member named 'l_end' ".

The problem was introduced with commit
0a137670752d07827ce8612505c85f4dafb70d28 in file
sysdeps/mach/hurd/fcntl.c with

+           return __f_setlk (fd, fl->l_type, fl->l_whence,
+                             fl->l_start, fl->l_end, wait);

fl is of type struct flock and it has no member named l_end.

Is there something I am missing? According to the git commit
logs, this is there since November but it causes a build failure.

Thank you for your time.

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