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Re: [PATCH] Rump on GNU/Hurd (2): missing <sys/mount.h>

From: Antti Kantee
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Rump on GNU/Hurd (2): missing <sys/mount.h>
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 11:45:54 +0000

On 16/08/15 10:51, Robert Millan wrote:


Apparently this routine only wants the Rump version of <sys/mount.h> when
building with Rump namespace, but it includes the header unconditionally.

This is usually harmless as almost everyone has <sys/mount.h>, but GNU/Hurd
doesn't. So my patch just moves it into Rump protected space.

Near the top of the patched file it says:
 * DO NOT EDIT-- this file is automatically generated.

Anyway, I'll have to chew on this one for a while. I'm not yet 100% sure that there won't be any adverse effects. But I know the problem now (no sys/mount.h on Hurd), so I'll figure out some way to fix it.

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