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Re: [PATCH] Rump on GNU/Hurd (4): Userspace PCI I/O

From: Olaf Buddenhagen
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Rump on GNU/Hurd (4): Userspace PCI I/O
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 21:02:49 +0200
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On Sun, Aug 16, 2015 at 01:09:59PM +0200, Robert Millan wrote:

> * It includes code from other people under GPLv2;

>   - intrthread() is heavily based on intloop() from
>   hurd/libddekit/interrupt.c

I haven't checked, but I assume this is form a Hurd-specific part of
DDE, which has been implemented by Zheng Da for the Hurd port
specifically? If so, we could try contacting him.

>   - experimentalUser.c is an automatically generated file copied from
>   the Hurd build tree. I would welcome some help from MIG experts on
>   how to do this in a more elegant way.

I did muck around with "stand-alone" MIG invocations for my libggi/KGI
port a couple of years ago. I guess I could help here if I reactivate
this knowlegde. (Reading my own thesis after a couple of years is quite
fascinating... ;-) ) However, I'm going on a multi-week vacation first

This shouldn't affect the copyright situation though. AIUI this file is
generated from an interface definition from Mach, and thus probably
under some variant of the BSD license. (The generated code should be
covered by the same license as the source.)

Also, it's debatable whether interface definitions are copyrightable at


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