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Re: netdde drivers

From: Diego Nieto Cid
Subject: Re: netdde drivers
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2015 02:04:12 +0000


Sorry, I meant to send this to the list too but failed to do so.

El sáb., 29 de agosto de 2015 17:58, Robert Millan <rmh@gnu.org> escribió:

El 29/08/15 a les 21:56, Diego Nieto Cid ha escrit:

> Hi
> El sáb., 29 de agosto de 2015 16:37, Robert Millan <rmh@gnu.org <mailto:rmh@gnu.org>> escribió:
>     That's an interesting proposition. Is someone working on a Rump-based
>     network translator?
>     FYI, I'm currently trying to get the remaining parts of my Rump port
>     merged. Other than that, let me know if I can be of any help.
>     --
>     Robert Millan
> I intend to work on user-mode device drivers as part of my thesis. My first option was working on rump (you beat me he he). Or DDE if that was not possible.
> But not quite yet. I'm on vacation for a week and then I have to do some writing. So I'm not sure when I'll be able to start coding.

Hi Diego,

Well I tried both too. You might want to check my Bachelor's thesis as it includes a
detailed comparison and explanation on why I chose to use Rump afterwards:


Good luck!

Robert Millan

Thanks, I will have a look, it sounds interesting.

Actually, I don't know yet what I'll specifically do. I just thought that if I'll  spend 6 months to a year working on something it would be nice if it were useful for this project :)

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