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Re: RFC: Lightweight synchronization mechanism for gnumach v3

From: Agustina Arzille
Subject: Re: RFC: Lightweight synchronization mechanism for gnumach v3
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2016 11:52:25 -0300

Hello, Samuel.

On 04/20/2016 08:23 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:
Samuel Thibault, on Mon 18 Apr 2016 21:50:16 +0200, wrote:
I also have the implementation for what glibc calls
'low-level lock' i.e. a wrapper around something like futex. That can be
integrated into glibc to replace spin locks where needed as well.
Ah, cool, indeed :)

Also, the spin_lock functions from glibc/mach's spin-lock.h could be
made to use it instead of calling __swtch_pri().
Also, it should now be easy to implement sem_open(), which we still
lack, and that is posing portability issues.


Both sem_open and sem_init are now fully implemented.

See: https://github.com/avarzille/hlpt/blob/master/pthread/sem.c

The former is not as easy to implement given its semantics. However, the
technique used to create a shared semaphore can be reused to implement
sysv semaphores and message queues (both POSIX and sysv).

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