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Re: Hurd on a cluster computer

From: Brent W. Baccala
Subject: Re: Hurd on a cluster computer
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2016 15:44:30 -1000

Well, then I suppose I'll go ahead and get netmsg running on a current Hurd system.  It'll have all kinds of problems, of course, but I've never written a Hurd translator, so it seems like a good place to start.

I've been trying to get Hurd running on qemu/kvm, but I'm having a lot of problems with data corruption, and just cleanly starting up and shutting down.  I'll post reports in separate emails.

Some other questions, then.

I've got the CMU code from Mach 3 for netmsg.  How do you deal with its copyright?

I'll work with it in a local git repository.  If anybody else wants to see it, I can make it available somehow.

How current is the documentation?  For example, I'm reading the Mach 3 Kernel Principles document from GNU Hurd's website.  Is it accurate?


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