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Re: RFC: [PATCH] Fix setpriority calling __task_priority() for processes

From: Svante Signell
Subject: Re: RFC: [PATCH] Fix setpriority calling __task_priority() for processes instead of threads.
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 13:24:34 +0200

On Wed, 2016-08-31 at 12:58 +0200, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Svante Signell, on Wed 31 Aug 2016 12:35:26 +0200, wrote:
> > 
> > The attached patch changes this fixing the previous:
> > check_setpriority: can't set priority: Permission denied
> > 
> > -     prierr = __task_priority (task, NICE_TO_MACH_PRIORITY (prio), 1);
> > +     prierr = __task_priority (task, NICE_TO_MACH_PRIORITY (prio), 0);
> Err, but then that makes change_threads false, i.e. the task_priority()
> call will not change the priorities of all threads of the task, which as
> you say is the POSIX behavior:

So a task is equal to a thread, not a process? Leading to change_threads must be
TRUE (to change all threads = process?)

> > 
> > According to setpriority(2) and POSIX the nice value should be
> > per-process not per-thread.
> So this "fix" your testcase by making the function not do what it is
> supposed to do...
> Re-read your test again: it requests nice -19, i.e. something which is
> reserved to root. No wonder you are getting a permission denied.

Explain please, I get the same output also for running as root:
check_setpriority: can't set priority: Permission denied

> The
> actual bug here is that task_priority seems not to check whether the
> priority is allowed when change_threads is false.

Tracing the call from setpriority() results in KERN_FAILURE from kern/task.c:

if (thread_priority(thread, priority, FALSE) != KERN_SUCCESS) 
   ret = KERN_FAILURE;

which falls back to the implementation of thread_priority() in kern/thread.c

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