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Re: behavior of NO SENDERS notifications when receive rights move

From: Richard Braun
Subject: Re: behavior of NO SENDERS notifications when receive rights move
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2016 15:42:39 +0200
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On Fri, Oct 07, 2016 at 02:09:58AM +0300, Kalle Olavi Niemitalo wrote:
> Thoughts about the new function (I'll call it mach_port_requeue):
> * If the messages queued to the wrapper port carry rights on
>   other wrapper ports, then those rights have to be replaced when
>   the messages are requeued to the original port.  This
>   replacement could be done in mach_port_requeue, if the function
>   took two arrays of port names and an ipc_space_t in which to
>   look them up.  Or it could be done in rpctrace, by receiving
>   the messages from the wrapper port one by one, replacing the
>   rights, sending the messages to a temporary port and then
>   calling mach_port_requeue to requeue them to the front of the
>   original port.
> * mach_port_requeue would have to check for circularity, like
>   mach_msg already does.
> Thoughts about the new MACH_SEND_LIFO option for mach_msg:
> * If rpctrace is using MACH_SEND_LIFO to requeue messages to the
>   original port, and some other task is also sending messages to
>   that port with MACH_SEND_LIFO, then the order of messages will
>   be inconsistent.
> * If every task holding a send right becomes able to use
>   MACH_SEND_LIFO to send messages to the front of the queue, that
>   may violate an assumption somewhere and cause a security
>   vulnerability.
> * Therefore, it would be safest to require that the task using
>   MACH_SEND_LIFO has the receive right on the port to which it is
>   sending the message.  Perhaps just return an error if
>   nor MACH_MSG_TYPE_MAKE_SEND_ONCE.  (Both of these types should
>   be allowed because the ultimate recipient can see which one
>   was used.)

This seems overly complicated and error-prone.

Besides, I still don't understand the issue that MACH_SEND_LIFO
would solve...

Richard Braun

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