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libpager multi-client support

From: Brent W. Baccala
Subject: libpager multi-client support
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 12:38:55 -1000

aloha -

I've started looking at adding multi-client support to libpager.

My first question is for advice on managing my workflow.  I'm using the Debian hurd package, which adds patches on top of a snapshot taken from savannah's git tree.  I think I want to work on the Debian-ized code, since that's what's installed on my system, but that leaves me without git.  It's just a snapshot, not an actual git repository.  Any advice?

Then, should I wait until I've got it working and send the changes to this list as a comprehensive set of patches?  That seems like what others have done in the past.

I've reviewed the existing code, and I have a problem with the function pager_offer_page().

First, the API is problematic, since pager_offer_page() is a call from the memory server (i.e, ext2fs) into the libpager library, instructing the library to offer a page to the client (i.e, the kernel) that hasn't been solicited by the client.  The problem is that the function parameters don't indicate which client to offer the page to.

Second, I can't find anywhere in the hurd source tree where this function is actually used.

Third, why would we want this feature?  Why would a memory server ever want to send an unsolicited page to a client?

So, I propose deprecating pager_offer_pager() by simply removing it from the library.

Any objections?


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