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Re: Porting with Guix

From: Manolis Ragkousis
Subject: Re: Porting with Guix
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2017 22:15:57 +0200
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Hello everyone,

On 01/05/17 02:23, rennes@openmailbox.org wrote:
>      gnu/store/1h7p18gpn84kdww5i542k93arw4hhgs8-libgc-7.6.0/lib
>      make[2]: Leaving directory
> '/tmp/guix-build-libgc-7.6.0.drv-0/gc-7.6.0'
>      make  check-TESTS
>      make[2]: Entering directory
> '/tmp/guix-build-libgc-7.6.0.drv-0/gc-7.6.0'
>      make[3]: Entering directory
> '/tmp/guix-build-libgc-7.6.0.drv-0/gc-7.6.0'
>      PASS: cordtest
>      building of
> `/gnu/store/y3icscjhkk7pa7dg21xqy46riysi36rn-libgc-7.6.0.drv' timed
>      out after 3600 seconds of silence
>      @ build-failed
> /gnu/store/y3icscjhkk7pa7dg21xqy46riysi36rn-libgc-7.6.0.drv - tim
>      eout

Libgc test "gctest" is entering a deadlock in version 7.6.0. The same
error does not appear in version 7.4.2 which debian/hurd uses. I am
trying to find what is causing this.


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