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From: Samuel Klein
Subject: GSoC
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2017 19:07:36 +0000

Dear developers,

I am a CS student interested in the Hurd project. I have been a subscriber of this mailing list and eagerly awaited a positive announcement. I would like to state my intention to apply for GSoC with the Hurd project.

What areas are you interested?

I am interested in maintaining what already works and enhancing the stability of the software. While using Hurd in my free time, I've found many bugs and issues that I wish were documented further, explored, and repaired. While logging into my shell, sometimes my prompt would appear on different sides of the screen, not onto as I would expect. I am interested in scripting languages like BASH and Perl and having a system respond in a way that is stable like Debian Linux but built on Hurd technology.

How much time do you have?

I am currently reading about UNIX and kernel design in my free time between class and work. Once this semester ends, I will have time enough to dedicate at least 40 hours a week towards the project and willingly teach myself the finer aspects of kernel programming.

How is your expertise with system and kernel programming?

I have a few years of experience with compiled and interrupted languages. I know Java well and am learning C. My school has taught me C#. I also know Python well. I have studied concepts such as Lisp and system programming. My weakness resides with kernel programming. However, I feel confident that by the start of the program, I will be able to adapt quickly and begin contributing as I learn.

Have you previously been working in FS projects?

I have worked on the Ubuntu project. I also contribute to other smaller open source projects on GitHub.

What is your motivation?

I want to study Hurd deeply, know what is technically possible and what isn't. I want to discern if I would like to be a long-term contributor and researcher for this specific field of CS.

Thank you,

Sam Klein

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