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Suggestions for a Thesis Project page on the wiki

From: Joshua Branson
Subject: Suggestions for a Thesis Project page on the wiki
Date: Mon, 07 Jan 2019 15:32:21 -0500


I see that we have a google summer of code project page.  It would be
pretty cool if we could add suggestions for thesis-es!

I would like to help with the write-up for some of these issues, but
someone else may need to edit the final product.

Here are some initial ideas.  Some may be bad ideas.

- Port to other architectures
  Risc-V, ARM, etc.  This may be a unsustainable.  Porting to
  another architecture is non-trivial and requires constant investment.
  This is a constant and ongoing process.  Would a thesis be enough to
  keep this going strong?
- Persistance
  This is probably way to vague, but it would be a cool research
- Resource management
  Currently the Hurd lacks a proper resource management framework.
  Perhaps a student could develop a framework so that the Hurd can
  manage resources better.
- Spector/Meltdown mitigation
  Currently the hurd does not have a method of working around Spector or
  Meltdown.  Someone could develop such a method.
- Setuid vs. constructor
  I found this on the Hurdng wiki page.  Perhaps this one is too meta?
  Possibly a bad idea?
- more filesystems!
  ext3/4, btrfs, xfs, bcachefs, etc.
- realtime
  Video players need to run on a realtime operating system to give the
  best experience.  Currently the Hurd is not a real-time operating
  system, but it could become one.
- Mach performance things?
  Mach is a first generational microkernel.  There is a page talking
  about how to simplify the mach message format, but could we do better?
  I actually have no idea if this is a good project.  I'm just guessing
- 64 bit port
- some cool translator?
  - sshfs
  - gitfs

Joshua Branson
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