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[PATCH x4 gnumach: IOAPIC fixes]

From: Damien Zammit
Subject: [PATCH x4 gnumach: IOAPIC fixes]
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2021 15:29:12 +1000

[PATCH 1/4] ioapic: Enable processor focus to BSP
[PATCH 2/4] ioapic: target first processor for interrupts
[PATCH 3/4] Don't call EOI on spurious interrupts

These three patches are pretty much no-brainers following
the Intel datasheet regarding 82489DX.

[PATCH 4/4] ioapic: Use irq specific EOI properly when detected

This one was pieced together from all kinds of sources,
but for some reason the QEMU emulation of IOAPIC doesn't like it
with has_irq_specific_eoi initialized to zero, therefore I have
changed it to always be 1 with a FIXME.


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