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Re: License of Hurd's common lisp bindings

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: License of Hurd's common lisp bindings
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2021 23:33:35 +0200
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Maxime Devos <maximedevos@telenet.be> writes:

Ricardo Wurmus schreef op do 29-04-2021 om 17:29 [+0200]:
Hi Maxime,

are you still interested in working on Guile bindings for the Hurd?

I'm still interested, but the conversion Common Lisp -> Scheme
was a lot more tedious and tricky than expected at first, so I
stopped actively working on it. The last commit was three weeks

I can imagine.

If so, do you have a public repository where we could collaborate?

<https://notabug.org/mdevos/guile-hurd> (branch: scheme-guile)

Excellent, thank you.

(1) gradually implement more of Common Lisp in "hurd-cl-compat.scm", such that more code ‘just compiles’ without source code tweaks

Are you compiling this on a Hurd system? Or do you build it on GNU+Linux first?

(2) when necessary or more convenient, convert the code to Scheme. For example, Scheme conditions do not support multiple inheritance,
    and :before and :after is not supported in GOOPS.

Re multiple inheritance: Scheme has compound conditions, which might be enough.

If you create an account at notabug.org, I could grant you commit access, or we could just use the pull request system. Commits should be signed. If you create an account, can you send me a PGP-signed
message with your user name to confirm you're not some imposter?

Thanks. I have just created an account: https://notabug.org/rekado

I probably won’t push directly, and probably won’t hack on it right away, but eventually I might submit some pull requests.

(Your current key is BCA6 89B6 3655 3801 C3C6 2150 197A 5888 235F ACAC,

That’s correct.


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