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Re: [PATCH v3 4/6] hurd: Add expected abilist files for x86_64

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: [PATCH v3 4/6] hurd: Add expected abilist files for x86_64
Date: Tue, 2 May 2023 18:47:57 +0200
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Sergey Bugaev, le mar. 02 mai 2023 19:34:02 +0300, a ecrit:
> > > it starts before anyone else, it implements a very basic in-memory fs
> >
> > tmpfs can be used for that.
> It could, yes, but I also think this might be an overkill. I don't
> think we'd need to store any file data,

You'll need to store the /dev directory etc. And possibly some temporary
conf files for some translators, etc. Really, an initrd doesn't seem too
horrible a thing. Better maintain few powerful tools than a series of
small tools that then get lesser care.

> So I'm thinking it would be something simple, implemented with netfs.

I'm just thinking that you might not need to reimplement netfs.

> - get rid of /hurd/startup for good, or at least subsume as much of
> its functionality as possible

This will be just the fourth time that this part of the Hurd gets

I mean, I agree that some pieces can be added to the picture and things
be improved, but I see that part getting reimplemented by people having
great ambitions for it, and then it gets reimplemented again and again.


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