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[PATCH hurd] Stop checking if MiG supports retcode.

From: Flavio Cruz
Subject: [PATCH hurd] Stop checking if MiG supports retcode.
Date: Sun, 7 May 2023 23:30:36 -0400

Due to MiG requiring the subsystem to be defined early in order to know the
size of a port, this was causing a division by zero error during ./configure.
We could have just move subsystem to the top of the snippet, however it is
simpler to just remove the check given that we have no plans to use some other
MiG anyway.

We force RETURN_CODE_ARG to use retcode which is a no-op.
 aclocal.m4           | 24 ------------------------
 configure.ac         |  2 --
 hurd/hurd_types.defs |  5 -----
 3 files changed, 31 deletions(-)

diff --git a/aclocal.m4 b/aclocal.m4
index 911dca2b..d54c7c2b 100644
--- a/aclocal.m4
+++ b/aclocal.m4
@@ -2,30 +2,6 @@ dnl These modifications are to allow for an empty cross 
compiler tree.
 dnl In the situation that cross-linking is impossible, the variable
 dnl `cross_linkable' will be substituted with "yes".
-AC_DEFUN([hurd_MIG_RETCODE], [dnl
-# See if mig groks `retcode'.
-AC_CACHE_CHECK(whether $MIG supports the retcode keyword, hurd_cv_mig_retcode,
-[cat > conftest.defs <<\EOF
-#include <mach/std_types.defs>
-#include <mach/mach_types.defs>
-subsystem foobar 1000;
-type reply_port_t = polymorphic | MACH_MSG_TYPE_PORT_SEND_ONCE
-       ctype: mach_port_t;
-simpleroutine foobar_reply (
-       reply_port: reply_port_t;
-       err: kern_return_t, RetCode);
-if AC_TRY_COMMAND([CC="${CC}" ${MIG-false} -n conftest.defs 
1>&AS_MESSAGE_LOG_FD()]); then
-  hurd_cv_mig_retcode=yes
-  hurd_cv_mig_retcode=no
-rm -f conftest*])
-if test $hurd_cv_mig_retcode = yes; then
 dnl The following check is based on a similar check in GNU inetutils 1.4.0.
 dnl hurd_LIB_NCURSESW -- check for, and configure, ncursesw
diff --git a/configure.ac b/configure.ac
index e913b3f3..9c80b96a 100644
--- a/configure.ac
+++ b/configure.ac
@@ -113,8 +113,6 @@ fi
 dnl Let these propagate from the environment.
 # See if --version-script is available.
 AC_CACHE_CHECK(for ld --version-script, hurd_cv_ld_version_script_option, [dnl
 cat > conftest.c <<\EOF
diff --git a/hurd/hurd_types.defs b/hurd/hurd_types.defs
index 63003a24..9f176fef 100644
--- a/hurd/hurd_types.defs
+++ b/hurd/hurd_types.defs
@@ -378,12 +378,7 @@ intranpayload: mach_port_t MACH_PAYLOAD_TO_PORT
 #define SCP
 #define RETURN_CODE_ARG in return_code: kern_return_t, retcode
-#define RETURN_CODE_ARG in return_code: kern_return_t
 userprefix USERPREFIX;

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