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Re: Initial POWER9 port of GNU Mach

From: Tobias Alexandra Platen
Subject: Re: Initial POWER9 port of GNU Mach
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2023 15:43:03 +0200
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There is no startup code for powerpc that currently works, so I duck-
taped everything that is not implemented yet. The OSFMK code that I
use is from 1994 and not ported yet. It only runs on a POWERMAC.

calling setup_main
void duct_sched_init(void)
void duct_vm_mem_bootstrap(void)
void duct_ipc_init(void)
void duct_machine_init(void)
void duct_mapable_time_init(void)
void duct_task_init(void)
void duct_thread_init(void)
void duct_swapper_init(void)
void duct_recompute_priorities(void* duct_ptr=(nil))
void duct_compute_mach_factor(void)

duct_start_kernel_threads enter
void duct_device_service_create(void)
void duct_bootstrap_create(void)
DONE: Become the pageout daemon.
duct_start_kernel_threads exit

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