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Re: Initial POWER9 port of GNU Mach

From: jbranso
Subject: Re: Initial POWER9 port of GNU Mach
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2023 12:51:27 +0000

October 18, 2023 11:11 AM, "Tobias Alexandra Platen" <guix@platen-software.de> 

>> Hi,
>> On 17/10/23 3:10 am, Tobias Alexandra Platen wrote:
>> On Mon, 2023-10-16 at 02:39 +0000, Damien Zammit wrote:
> I dont think that is correct. I often use -kernel flag with qemu
> to
> boot gnumach on i386.
> I think it supports multiboot so you may need to add some startup
> code to your ppc port?
>> Unfortunately I was unable to produce a multiboot kernel, as the
>> linker
>> failed. I have a workaround to run some parts of the kernel in
>> userspace, it is similar to the darlingserver:
>> https://docs.darlinghq.org/internals/darlingserver/index.html
>> Do you need help with the linker? What was the error?
> Some PPC specific code that needs to be written, is not yet written.
> I'll soon investigate whats missing. I thing I can reuse 90 of the
> existing PPC OSFMK code (not the one from Apple).

Hey Tobias, I think you had mentioned that you were going create a
"Power9+" GNUMach git branch of your changes on savannah. I can't find
your branch here:

No rush, I was just wanting people to be able to find your code.

I would also encourage you to reach out to Sergey.  He had a really 
descriptive email a while ago, where he described his debbugging 
workflow with gdb.  I can't find that email at the moment, but it definitely
needs to be added to the Hurd wiki.

Also, once you get something working, consider reaching out to Luca to
add some testing for the GNUMach Power9+ port. He's working on adding
testing for userspace programs. I'm not certain if his new testing code
has tests for GNUMach though...


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