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Re: Package error in Debian GNU/Hurd daily image

From: Almudena Garcia
Subject: Re: Package error in Debian GNU/Hurd daily image
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2024 00:21:51 +0100

Ok. Then I will wait some time until get a more stable image. I'm making some test to check the rumpdisk support.
In Qemu and VirtualBox, rumpdisk detect the SATA CDROM and HDD successfully, but in my Thinkpad laptops the CDROM unit seems not be detected. 
Even in the installer shell, the cdrom unit are not listed. I don't know the reason of this issue.

But the only error that I found is this.


Where could be the problem?
Thanks in advance

El dom, 10 mar 2024 a las 0:14, Samuel Thibault (<samuel.thibault@gnu.org>) escribió:
Samuel Thibault, le dim. 10 mars 2024 00:11:52 +0100, a ecrit:
> Almudena Garcia, le dim. 10 mars 2024 00:04:33 +0100, a ecrit:
> > Trying to install the latest daily image, I've just found this error in the
> > "Base system installation" step.
> >
> > imagen.png
> >
> > The log show some errors
> >
> > imagen.png
> >
> > Could you fix it?
> Yes. ntpdate will indeed need an update. I have now dropped the
> auto-installation of ntpdate, so the installation should be going
> further.

I mean: tomorrow's rebuilt daily image.


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