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Problem with german locale

From: Matthias Kurz
Subject: Problem with german locale
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 16:07:13 +0200
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When i build libtool under Solaris with a german locale, i get the

*** Warning: the command libtool uses to detect shared libraries,
*** /usr/bin/file, produces output that libtool cannot recognize.
*** The result is that libtool may fail to recognize shared libraries
*** as such.  This will affect the creation of libtool libraries that
*** depend on shared libraries, but programs linked with such libtool
*** libraries will work regardless of this problem.  Nevertheless, you
*** may want to report the problem to your system manager and/or to
*** address@hidden

"/usr/bin/file /lib/libc.so" gives:
/usr/lib/libdl.so:      ELF 32-Bit LSB dynamische Bibliothek 80386 Version 1, 
über dynamischen Link verknüpft, nicht entfernt

I recommend to use "LC_ALL=C /usr/bin/file /lib/libc.so".


Matthias Kurz; Fuldastr. 3; D-28199 Bremen; VOICE +49 421 53 600 47

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