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[PATCH] libtool-1.3.5: compiling .i/.ii files

From: Peter Moulder
Subject: [PATCH] libtool-1.3.5: compiling .i/.ii files
Date: 16 Dec 2000 13:46:54 +1100

Libtool does not recognize .i or .ii files (which correspond to .c/.cc
files except without going through the preprocessor; see *note
(gcc):Overall Options.).

Apart from reducing compile time, they are used because on some
systems (including even FreeBSD) the output of the preprocessor can be
invalid input to the preprocessor.

I haven't checked any standards documents to see whether .i/.ii files
are universally accepted, but I have checked Irix' compiler (in addition
to GCC of course).

(Even if it turns out that .i/.ii files are not universally accepted,
applying the patch still delivers benefit to projects that are
targetted to GCC or other .i/.ii-accepting compilers.)


--- ltmain.sh-1.3.5
+++ ltmain.sh
@@ -347,7 +347,7 @@
     # Recognize several different file suffixes.
     # If the user specifies -o file.o, it is replaced with file.lo
-    xform='[cCFSfmso]'
+    xform='[cCFSfimso]'
     case "$libobj" in
     *.ada) xform=ada ;;
     *.adb) xform=adb ;;
@@ -355,6 +355,7 @@
     *.asm) xform=asm ;;
     *.c++) xform=c++ ;;
     *.cc) xform=cc ;;
+    *.ii) xform=ii ;;
     *.cpp) xform=cpp ;;
     *.cxx) xform=cxx ;;
     *.f90) xform=f90 ;;

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