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corrections for documentation

From: vvv
Subject: corrections for documentation
Date: 22 Dec 2000 16:12:56 +0300
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i've tried to produce PDF docs for libtool (latest version from CVS),
and had to make the following changes:

1) the included file fdl.texi contained @bye command which prevented
   part of document to be generated (indices, etc):

--- doc/fdl.texi~       Sat Nov 11 14:40:55 2000
+++ doc/fdl.texi        Fri Dec 22 15:30:17 2000
@@ -380,5 +380,3 @@
 recommend releasing these examples in parallel under your choice of
 free software license, such as the GNU General Public License,
 to permit their use in free software.

2) the @deftypevar did not contain a space after a type, whih caused a
   problem with index entry:

--- doc/libtool.texi~   Sun Dec 17 03:26:09 2000
+++ doc/libtool.texi    Fri Dec 22 16:06:20 2000
@@ -2506,7 +2506,7 @@
 generic pointer to the appropriate object, such as @code{&fprintf}.
 @end deftypefn
address@hidden {const lt_dlsymlist *}lt_preloaded_symbols
address@hidden {const lt_dlsymlist *} lt_preloaded_symbols
 An array of @var{lt_symbol} structures, representing all the preloaded
 symbols linked into the program. For each @samp{-dlpreloaded} file 
 there is an element with the @var{name} of the file and a @var{address} 


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