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File and Libtool...

From: Bureau, Pierre
Subject: File and Libtool...
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 09:17:21 -0500

Package: Libtool
Version: 1.3.4
When running ./configure script from most gnome tarball.  The script produces that output:
*** Warning: the command libtool uses to detect shared libraries,
*** /usr/bin/file, produces output that libtool cannot recognize.
*** The result is that libtool may fail to recognize shared libraries
*** as such.  This will affect the creation of libtool libraries that
*** depend on shared libraries, but programs linked with such libtool
*** libraries will work regardless of this problem.  Nevertheless, you
*** may want to report the problem to your system manager and/or to
*** address@hidden

The file version on my system is 3.28 writtren by Ian F. Darwin.
 As a result, none of the Gnome shared library are built.... And that's fucking annoying...

(but static libraries are built correctly)


        Pierre Bureau

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