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Re: More multi-language libtool problems on 4.3 BSD UNIX

From: Alexandre Oliva
Subject: Re: More multi-language libtool problems on 4.3 BSD UNIX
Date: 26 Jan 2001 05:01:32 -0200
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On Jan 26, 2001, address@hidden (Michael Sokolov) wrote:

> Adding parentheses around eval $ac_compile in ltcf-cxx.sh fixes the
> problem for me. The patch is below.

Thanks, the patch is ok.  Feel free to post it to gcc-patches and
install it in the GCC CVS tree, mentioning I've approved it.

The problem is that some shells don't support multiple redirections of
the same file descriptor.  IIRC, Ultrix's shell would have failed
similarly.  I'm checking this into the libtool MLB.

> # It is not enough to reset these cached values, they must be unset.
> unset ac_cv_prog_cc_pic_works
> unset ac_cv_prog_cc_static_works

The comment is probably out-dated, and it's ok to just set them to the
empty string.  Wherever these variables are tested for in ltconfig,
being non-set or being set to the empty string are equivalent.  A
patch to remove the comment and replace the unsets with `*_works='
would be welcome :-)

> 2001-01-25  Michael Sokolov  <address@hidden>

>       * ltcf-cxx.sh: Use parentheses around eval $ac_compile.

Thanks, I'm checking this in.

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