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Re: More multi-language libtool problems on 4.3 BSD UNIX

From: Michael Sokolov
Subject: Re: More multi-language libtool problems on 4.3 BSD UNIX
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 01 23:38:48 PST

Alexandre Oliva <address@hidden> wrote:

> The problem is that some shells don't support multiple redirections of
> the same file descriptor.

Yep, that's it.

> IIRC, Ultrix's shell would have failed
> similarly.

It's the original Bourne shell aka V7 UNIX shell. 4.3BSD faithfully uses it, as
does Ultrix.

> I'm checking this into the libtool MLB.


> The comment is probably out-dated, and it's ok to just set them to the
> empty string.  Wherever these variables are tested for in ltconfig,
> being non-set or being set to the empty string are equivalent.  A
> patch to remove the comment and replace the unsets with `*_works='
> would be welcome :-)

The patch is below.

Michael Sokolov
Public Service Agent
International Engineering and Science Task Force

1351 VINE AVE APT 27            Phone: +1-714-738-5409
FULLERTON CA 92833-4291 USA     (home office)

E-mail: address@hidden (ARPA TCP/SMTP)

2001-01-25  Michael Sokolov  <address@hidden>

        * ltcf-cxx.sh (ac_cv_prog_cc_pic_works, ac_cv_prog_cc_static_works):
        Don't unset, it's non-portable and no longer necessary, set to empty

Index: ltcf-cxx.sh
RCS file: /home/cvs/libtool/Attic/ltcf-cxx.sh,v
retrieving revision
diff -p -r1.1.2.27 ltcf-cxx.sh
*** ltcf-cxx.sh 2001/01/26 07:03:54
--- ltcf-cxx.sh 2001/01/26 07:32:27
*************** ac_cv_prog_cc_static=
*** 566,574 ****
! # It is not enough to reset these cached values, they must be unset.
! unset ac_cv_prog_cc_pic_works
! unset ac_cv_prog_cc_static_works
  if test "$with_gcc" = yes; then
--- 566,573 ----
! ac_cv_prog_cc_pic_works=
! ac_cv_prog_cc_static_works=
  if test "$with_gcc" = yes; then

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