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Re: Possible Bug in ltconfig?

From: Bill Wendling
Subject: Re: Possible Bug in ltconfig?
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 23:47:44 -0600
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Also sprach Alexandre Oliva:
} On Jan 29, 2001, Bill Wendling <address@hidden> wrote:
} > When testing if there's a dlopen in -ldl, it saves the LIBS macro,
} > but whether or not the test succeeds, the LIBS macro is reset to
} > it's previous state.
} And why is that wrong?  It happens on all other tests.  ltconfig
} doesn't really care for LIBS, it only cares for which dlopening method
} is available.
I noticed that. Sorry about the bogus report...

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|| Coding Simian

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