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libtool-1.3.4 problems when not in the english locale

From: Harti Brandt
Subject: libtool-1.3.4 problems when not in the english locale
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 14:29:49 +0100 (CET)


I have discovered a really funny problem: one of my collegues installs
it's Solaris machine always with the german locale as default. When I
build a shared library  with libtool, that depends on any system shared
library, libtool tells me, that it would happily include dependency
information into the library it creates if I only had a shared version of
the libraries. Well, you ususally have shared versions of libc, libsocket
and so on. After poking around in libtool I found, that it parses the
output of the 'file' command on a shared object to get on the names of the
dependencies. Unfortunately this output depends on the locale. Under the
german local this sounds like:

$../libbegemot-1.8/.libs/libbegemot.so.1.0.9:   ELF 32-Bit MSB dynamische
Bibliothek SPARC Version 1, Эber dynamischen Link verknЭpft, nicht entfernt

Libtool fails to parse this output.

Unfortunately I see no fast fix, I 'fixed' the problem by using LC_ALL=en
when building the library.

I would recommend to have at least a hint in the info-file.

harti brandt, 
              address@hidden, address@hidden

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