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Fw: gettext 0.10.40 build for LynxOS 0.10.40

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Fw: gettext 0.10.40 build for LynxOS 0.10.40
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 15:06:40 +0100 (CET)

Since gettext-0.10.40 uses plain libtool 1.4, this report (posted to
bug-gnu-utils) appears a genuine libtool bug: on platforms where
shared libraries are not supported, the configure script doesn't find
out about it by itself; it requires the user to pass --disable-shared.

Alan Johnson wrote on bug-gnu-utils:
> I have just build and installed gettext version 0.10.40 on
> LynxOS 3.0.1. This is not listed as one of the known supported platforms.
> The README requested that feedback and bug reports should be sent to
> this Email address.
> I had problem with configure:
>    LynxOS does not supported shared libraries (or at least not a
>    useful form of shared library) but configure does not figure
>    this out. Actually configure seems to assume that if the system
>    uses gcc it will support shared libraries which does not seem
>    a good assumption.
>    gettext can be build either by setting the command line
>    switch --disable-shared or by editting the configure script
>    to handle lynx better. I have made some changes to configure
>    which work for me. Would you like these changes to configure?
>    I can send a patch or whatever if you would like them.
>    When changing configure I discoverd it is important to set both
>    variables 'enable_shared' and 'lt_cv_prog_cc_can_build_shared'
>    to be 'no'. When configure sets 'lt_cv_prog_cc_can_build_shared'
>    to 'no' enable_shared is left as 'yes', on LynxOS at least
>    this does not work.It dos not seem sensible to me but configure
>    has to support a lot of system types I know nothing about.
>    LynuxWorks (the vendors of LynxOS) claim LynxOS 4.0 will have ELF
>    and shared library support, in fact Linux binary compatibility,
>    when/if this is released special LynxOS support will be irrelevant.
> Thanks - AJ

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