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Re: IRIX and .so numbers

From: Robert Boehne
Subject: Re: IRIX and .so numbers
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 17:52:01 -0600

Nick Blievers wrote:
> Hi,
>         The problem is, when building a project like OpenOffice, which is 
> built on
> many platforms, the build system expects the same library names on each
> (*NIX) platform. So when we build freetype (for eg), the build system then
> fails as it is looking for a library with a different major number. I guess
> it could be argued that the build system should be more intelligent than
> this, but I would argue for consistency across platforms. Surely a better
> method of disallowing 0 for the major number can be used?
>         I will be interested to hear the feedback (whether this is a valid 
> reason)
> as something will have to change! :)
> Thanks


I've been poking around a little on IRIX, and I can't find anything that
allow "0" for a version.  I looked at what version string was stored in
of the system executables and found nothing with sgi0.0 (but then again
why would I).
a sample:
[33]    IVERSION    sgi2.0:sgi2.1
[33]    IVERSION    sgi1.0
[34]    IVERSION    Based on OSF/Motif 1.2.4#sgi1.0

So I decided to try it out on a real library.  Under IRIX 6.5 it seems
work just fine (although I haven't linked to it).  I would be suprised
"0" wasn't allowed, as the man pages for ld and sgidlopen_version()
that it needs to be any particular string.

cacus::/icarus/build/sgi65/src/TKernel (106)% CC -shared -all -multigot
.libs/*.o -lc -soname libTKernel.so.0 `test -n "sgi0.0" && echo
-set_version sgi0.0` -update_registry .libs/so_locations -o

cacus::/icarus/build/sgi65/src/TKernel (107)% elfdump -L
.libs/libTKernel.so.0.0 | grep IVERSION
            [33]    IVERSION    sgi0.0

I also rummaged through the archives to find anything that
would say this isn't possible, but didn't find any such text.
If no one can recall why this was done, or a reason it shouldn't
be, I hope they are reading this thread.  I will try removing
this restriction and see what happens if I have time.


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