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Re: IRIX and .so numbers

From: Gary V. Vaughan
Subject: Re: IRIX and .so numbers
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 20:26:06 +0000
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On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 05:52:01PM -0600, Robert Boehne wrote:
> I've been poking around a little on IRIX, and I can't find anything that
> wouldn't allow "0" for a version.

Okay.  If you are able to build and link against some substantial libtool
library using project with the ``+1'' removed, feel free to commit that patch
to HEAD and branch-1-4.

I am still somewhat surprised that this code has generated no complaints in
the intervening years until now...  perhaps you should leave a comment near
the change so that it is easy to undo if we discover an unforseen consequence
further down the line?

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